Thursday, July 24, 2008

Internal Affairs

First, we want to congratulate Lee King on his new title change. Mr. King has served as Assistant Director at Riddick's Folly for 17 years. In recognition of his long service and dedication, Mr. King is now the Curator of Riddick's Folly.

Second, we have to publicly acknowledge a disappointment. Last year, less than a penny of every dollar Riddick's Folly spent went to programs and services. This wasn't due to any scandal, and no money was wasted. This is merely a wake-up call, a time for us to consider our mission and the community we try to serve. We promise to do better.

Third, and finally, we received a number of bids to work on the sundry repairs and renovations Riddick's Folly needs. Unfortunately, none of these bids fell within the price range of the money allocated for this project, but some of our needs could likely be deferred, and we hope to begin work in the next few weeks. In that time, we'll maintain our normal operating hours, so don't be shy about coming to see us.

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