Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mourning Judge Riddick

Our Victorian funeral and mourning reenactment began today. Here are some photographs.

The black wreath consists of painted magnolia leaves and twigs. Mourning "decorations" could be quite elaborate, but a staple was the black fabric (usually a silk-like material called crape) hung on the front door.

Juliana Riddick, sister of Judge Riddick, grieves for her brother. Juliana's dress is actually a dark green. She is portraying a woman in the latter stages of mourning when colors other than black could be introduced into a woman's clothing.

Missouri Riddick grieves for her husband. Although Missouri had already passed away at the time of Judge Riddick's death, she will be present during this event to portray the widow's mourning which was the deepest and most severe.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry I did not know of this event before today. I am a Victorian era reinactor and designer/maker of Victorian clothing for women sold through my website and internet.
I would love to participate in this event in future. I hope to attend as mourner for the funeral procession on Saturday.