Sunday, January 18, 2009

Taking Stock in the Law Office

Riddick's Folly recently received a gift of stock in memory of George Taylor Everett. This gift, of more than $25,000, was to remember Mr. Everett's interest in what is now the Nathaniel Riddick Law Office (the small, white building in the photo).

This building, however, was not always here. Neither did it belong to Nathaniel Riddick. The office formerly belonged to Dr. Robert Copeland Everett, an ancestor of Mr. George Everett.

Dr. Everett used this building as an office for his medical practice located several miles from Riddick's Folly. He likely used it around the time that Nathaniel Riddick used his own law office of similar size and detail.

When Nathaniel Riddick passed away in 1882, the law office served no purpose and it was torn down soon thereafter. More than a century would pass before another building would occupy that space.

In 2004, Dr. Everett's office was recovered and relocated to Riddick's Folly. Thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of research and work transformed the doctor's office into a law office. Today this building serves as a host facility for lecturers, workshops, and meetings.

This gift of stock came to Riddick's Folly in memory of a man whose interest in the building helped to keep it and preserve it. As such, a portion of the gift will be set aside for its on-going maintenance and improvement.

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